AJAX Tutorial for Java Programmers

Tutorial Overview

The prerequisites for this tutorial are:

This tutorial teaches AJAX programming in Java using the Jaxcent Java AJAX framework. Jaxcent

Even though programming in Jaxcent doesn't require JavaScript, there is some JavaScript used in this tutorial (in the Data Verification and Working with JavaScript topics.) Those who do not wish to use any JavaScript may skip these parts. But it is recommended that you should at least try to read through and if possible do the exercises in these parts of the tutorial. Even if you don't know any JavaScript, just going through the exercises will give you a basic exposure to JavaScript, enough to understand what it is all about. For Ajax programmers, such familiarity could prove helpful once in a while.

The steps in the tutorial are outlined below:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Hello, World
  3. A Dancing Hello, World!
  4. Listening to Hello, World Events
  5. Adding a New Page
  6. Working with Tables and Lists
  7. Receiving Input from the Page
  8. The Session
  9. Retrieving Session Data
  10. Navigation in Web Applications
  11. Data Verification
  12. Working with JavaScript
  13. Hiding and Showing Page Elements
  14. Adding New Elements and Moving Existing Elements
  15. Saving Your Own Data in the Session
  16. Dragging and Dropping
  17. Optimization Issues
  18. Further Learning

Getting Started